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    Managed Equipment Service

    “Thanks to HTI, one of my last successes with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust will be seeing the order for our new linear accelerators being sent through.”- Mr Geoff Hill, Co-Director for Oncology and Specialist Services (Retired) The Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    MES Developments

Healthcare Technologies International (HTI) specialises in providing vendor independent Managed Equipment Services. Through highly effective and long term equipment and maintenance solutions, HTI's focused area of expertise allows us to work with NHS Trusts to ensure specialist medical equipment is always state-of-the art and available. In today's fast paced medical world, the speed at which technology is changing can be mind boggling. HTI shifts the risk of technological obsolescence - and the worry of equipment breakdowns - away from the public sector, allowing clinical focus to remain where it should be... solely on the patient.

HTI's team of experts work closely with its NHS partners to develop long-range strategic plans for all their medical equipment needs; and then we procure, install, manage, maintain, and lifecyle a robust medical equipment portfolio over the lifetime of our contract. The key to HTI's approach is the independence from any single manufacturer that we bring to our projects. Being vendor-neutral, we focus on true partnership with the public sector, and offer a number of solutions that are tailored to each unique area. Throughout the process, the clinical and administrative teams are in control of equipment decisions, with the client choosing the amount of flexibility that is built into the scheme.

Project management concessions typically cover a period of anywhere from 15 to 30 years for a fixed annual fee. The MES contracting structure places performance risk, technology evolution, and life cycle replacement risk with HTI and its equipment manufacturer subcontractors. This allows the clinical partner to focus solely on the delivery of the clinical service with the assurance that they are only paying for service they receive. HTI previously developed and operated the PPP/PFI Managed Equipment Services Provider for:

  • The Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland. This centre was built in partnership with H&J Martin and Graham Construction and is the only centre in Northern Ireland offering advanced radiotherapy services.
  • The Bexley Wing, housing the St James's Institute of Oncology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, England. This project was developed in partnership with Catalyst Lend Lease, and is currently Europe’s largest oncology centre.